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The solution for passenger car

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Industry foreword

* Bus public safety issues

* Cases of arson, explosion, robbery, theft, sexual harassment, etc. on passenger cars are frequently repeated. Passenger transport has the characteristics of large mobility of personnel, and it is difficult to solve the case.

* Passenger transportation enterprise operation management problem

* The quality of passengers in the passenger transport department is uneven, and private ticket collection, fake tickets and uncivilized irregular traffic have occurred frequently. The traffic accident caused by the illegal and illegal traffic of the ticket has caused great losses to the passenger transport company.

* Bus car monitoring operation and maintenance problem

The on-board monitoring system on most passenger cars has only the function of storing video locally, and there is no routine maintenance. In the event of an emergency, a monitoring device that is not working properly cannot quickly extract the surveillance video to lock the suspect.

Solution description

The bus monitoring system architecture consists of three parts: the vehicle front-end system, the transmission network and the central management system.


The vehicle front-end system consists of an on-board monitoring subsystem and an on-board dispatch subsystem. The vehicle monitoring system collects and stores video, audio and GPS information through the vehicle DVR host, camera, pickup, and emergency alarm button, and transmits it to the central management system through the built-in wireless module of the DVR host; it can upload and collect data or download updated data in a unified manner. The center centrally manages and generates operational statistics reports.


The transmission network includes two parts: a wireless mobile communication transmission link and a fixed-line private line transmission link. After receiving the data information from the front-end vehicle, the communication base station sends the fixed network dedicated line through the gateway for use by the monitoring center.


The central management system is the core of the system and is the place for daily monitoring and emergency command. The central management system realizes the control of the vehicle front-end system through the wireless network, realizes the functions of video and audio monitoring, GPS positioning, voice intercom, alarm processing, etc., and can perform functions such as uploading data storage, summarizing, and generating background management reports.

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