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Smart city management

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On August 8th, the Jinjiang Luoshan Huabiao Mountain was demolished on the scene, and a law enforcement vehicle with a “Smart City Management” on the body was eye-catching. On-site law enforcement officers contact the command center in real time through two high-definition cameras on the roof.

"Please adjust the lens so that we can see the whole scene!" The command center sent a message. After receiving the instructions, the on-site law enforcement officers immediately adjusted the angle of the vehicle video surveillance probe through the operating system in their hands. Like the “Clairvoyance”, the command center staff is on site.

"The system is divided into two parts: command and wireless car video system. The video data collected by the on-board system is transmitted to the command center through the 4G network, real-time monitoring of the whole process of the first-line team members, and high-definition video and audio data can be retained." The relevant person in charge of the Jinjiang City Management Supervision and Command Center said that the use of the vehicle video surveillance system can achieve law enforcement supervision, remote dispatch and evidence preservation, etc., and can also supervise whether law enforcement personnel regulate law enforcement and civilized law enforcement at any time. In addition, for some emergencies, you can remotely understand the situation at the first time to achieve scientific decision-making and rapid command.

The smart city management car video surveillance system is just a “small test knife”. In Jinjiang refined city management, it will “show its talents”.

The relevant person in charge of the Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau of Jinjiang City introduced that, next, the car video surveillance system will be more on the streets of Jinjiang, promote the city management work efficiently through high-tech means and information construction, and better promote the construction of smart city management. To further improve the efficiency of law enforcement and implement seamless management.

The car video surveillance system makes the construction of Jinjiang smart city management even more powerful. It is reported that the current phase III of Jinjiang Digital City Management has been extended to the urban area and the surrounding area of 117 square kilometers. A total of 186,000 pieces of urban management components have been identified, and 28 responsibility grids have been divided. The new ones represented by the Internet of Things, cloud computing and big data. A generation of information technology support, through comprehensive perception, broadband interconnection, intelligent application, to achieve a new situation of urban management with the participation of citizens, managers and the public.

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