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Vehicle monitoring development trend

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Vehicle operation monitoring system has long been a key area for the development of intelligent public transportation. It can be seen from the development direction of the monitoring market that the development trend of vehicle wireless monitoring is developing in the direction of high definition, intelligence, cloud storage, integration, standardization and industrialization.


 1, high definition

 In the process of building intelligent transportation systems, "HD" has become an inevitable development trend. The entire video surveillance system has been turned from a "visible" video security system to a "clearly clear" high-definition networking system, and has followed the principle of "building for use and fighting for war" and has begun to "see clearly" intelligence. System construction of business integration applications.

 HD is not only the application of a single high-definition technology, but from the actual business application requirements of intelligent transportation, it can adapt to the needs of all the city to control the high-definition image quality. The control of the entire city is in a complex and diverse application of "ecological environment". Therefore, the construction of high-definition intelligent transportation system needs to choose the appropriate high-definition solution according to the different characteristics of different application scenarios. The high-definition vehicle recording must be the future. A development direction.

 2, intelligent

 The advantage of intelligentization is that it can provide more value-added applications for the special needs of the vehicle monitoring industry. For example, when the law enforcement vehicle is in the process of driving, the image is shaken due to bumps on the road surface. For the image monitor, the image is unclear and difficult to obtain evidence. And it is easy to feel tired of the picture; however, intelligent picture debounce can solve such problems, and in the bus industry, intelligent systems such as passenger flow statistics, face recognition, license plate recognition can also provide better help to the background operation. .


 3, cloud storage

 Due to the large amount of car video data and limited local storage space, in order to completely back up all the videos, we must adopt the cloud storage method. With cloud storage, we can connect to the cloud at any time, anywhere, via any networkable device for easy access to data. The advantages are as follows:

 (1) Cost saving: The biggest feature of cloud storage in terms of short-term and long-term is that it can reduce costs.

 (2) Better backup of local data and processing of daily data in different places: In the storage system management of vehicle terminals in the past, managers need to face different storage devices, and devices of different manufacturers have different management interfaces, so that managers It is complicated and arduous to understand the usage status (capacity, load, etc.) of each storage medium. Moreover, in the vehicle vibration environment, the traditional storage medium hard disk is extremely vulnerable, resulting in data loss, while cloud storage does not. If the hard disk is broken, the data will be automatically migrated to another hard disk, greatly reducing the work of the manager. burden.

 4, integrated

 As more and more industry users pay more attention to the vehicle monitoring system, vehicle monitoring gradually develops from a single video surveillance to a professional solution. For example, in-vehicle monitoring in the bus industry is a part of the overall operation scheduling system. While performing video surveillance, it also needs to be related to other system equipment (gps positioning system, electronic newspaper station, card reader, speed radar, license plate recognition, etc.). ) Collaboration. System integration, which requires the joint efforts of vehicle monitoring vendors and market users to produce system-integrated products that meet the needs of industry users.


 5. Standardization

 The current security hardware is very mature in the industry, but there is still a considerable gap in the construction of the software system. The mismatch of each subsystem, the standards are not uniform, and cannot be merged together. How to achieve better openness and sharing requires standardization. Promoting industry standardization requires the joint efforts of relevant government authorities and industry players.

 6. Industrialization

 Not only will it be targeted for different industry applications, but it will also be tailored to specific customer needs. For example, like buses, passenger cars, public security law enforcement vehicles, taxis, etc., there are good product solutions to meet.


 The development trend of vehicle monitoring has been highlighted. When the national government departments have stated that they must vigorously rectify traffic safety issues, the vehicle monitoring system is definitely the most important safeguard measure in traffic operation. The development of the vehicle monitoring system market. The government will be the biggest driving force. From the notice issued by the Ministry of Communications, the vehicle video surveillance system will become normal in the next two years, and by that time the video surveillance system will usher in its peak.

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